News Links – October 2014


Google chief on NSA: ‘We’re going to end up breaking the Internet’


The integrity of the Internet could be at risk if Congress does not act to rein in the National Security Agency, Google head Eric Schmidt warned on Wednesday.

Speaking alongside other tech executives and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) at a Silicon Valley event, Schmidt said the revelations about U.S. surveillance could prompt countries to wall off their networks.


Texas Ebola Patient May Have Had Contact With Up To 80 People


After the man returned and his diagnose was confirmed, officialdom began tracking anybody who had contact with him. It was initially determined a group of between a dozen and 18 people, ambulance workers and a number of school children, had contact with the patient.

However, on Thursday, Zach Thompson with Dallas County Health and Human Services told the media the man may have come in contact with more than 80 people.

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com


*ALERT* CDC Sends Ebola Response Team to Texas Pending Test Results


Dallas County health officials on Tuesday told county commissioners that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is dispatching a team to Dallas in case a patient at a local hospital tests positive for Ebola.

The report was delivered after Health and Human Services officials cut short a presentation on the threat of an Ebola outbreak for a conference call with the CDC. Officials said the CDC team would lead the response if test results, expected today, come back positive for the patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas.


Free Speech? Not In Amerika. Rob Schneider Fired For Anti-Vaccine Stance


The Hivemind Enforcement Brigade has claimed another victim.
This time it’s the seemingly harmless comedian Rob Schneider. Schneider, who recently resurrected his quiet funny “making copies guy” Saturday Night Live persona for a State Farm add, has been canned by the fearful eunuchs at State Farm. Why? Because he said something racist? Because he was once involved in a domestic dispute? Because he once spanked his kid? No, because he is “anti-vaccine” and the dutiful enforcers of the correct opinion on that issue rose up in collective indignation. How dare State Farm hire a funny guy to reprise a funny role since he once voiced a stray opinion? Doesn’t State Farm realize that once some malcontent voices an opinion that deviates from the accepted script, then he should no longer be allowed to pursue gainful employment? Jenny McCarthy was the victim of a similar campaign when she was hired to be on The View, but managed to keep her job, at least for a while. (As an aside, when I got all excited seeing the making copies guy again, I had to explain to my kids what the big deal was. They didn’t get it.)


Marriage rate at 93-year low, even including same-sex couples

Editor’s Note: Could this have anything to do with most young adults being penniless, jobless, and technically homeless? I would say a safe bet is ‘yes.’

Washington Examiner

The Census Bureau reported Thursday that the nation’s marriage rate is the lowest since 1920, and the first-time inclusion of same sex married couples did little to reverse the decline.

According to Pew Research Center analysis, the marriage rate of Americans 18 and older hit a bottom of 50.3 percent in 2013, down from 50.5 percent in 2012.


Top Porn Sites Join Protest Against Government Internet Takeover, Join The Battle For The Net!


“We’re in. Let’s make some waves!” Pornhub proclaimed on Reddit.

The waves in question are about getting porn viewers to tear their eyes away from the motion of the ocean on screen ‒ long enough to realize what might happen if US authorities go ahead with a proposal to create “fast lanes” on the internet for some companies.

Pornhub, RedTube and Youporn announced they will be joining leading web companies like Mozilla, Foursquare and Reddit to take part in the Internet Slowdown protest on September 10 to urge the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to change its support for the proposal.


Hackers used police spy tool to steal nude celebrity pictures

Editor’s Note: Let’s hope this tragedy will bring to light the real dangers of collective cloud computing and unconstitutional spying technology.


The major leak of nude celebrity photos last weekend was made possible by software designed to let law enforcement lift data from iPhones with ease. The software is used in tandem with a tool made public recently that can crack Apple iCloud passwords.

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Infowars: Mystery of Rogue Cell Towers Discovered


[...]Law enforcement’s fight to keep these systems in place is likely rooted in one thing: parallel construction.

Used to conceal how a law enforcement investigation began, parallel construction allows police to create a criminal case while concealing how the evidence, often obtained illegally, was acquired.

Speaking exclusively with Infowars, NSA whistleblower Kirk Wiebe, who helped develop the data processing system ThinThread, broke down the danger of surveillance and parallel construction.


Teeth Whitening and the Fate of the Free Market, AL Court Decision will have Big Impact on Liberties


[...]Keith Westphal and Joyce Osborn Wilson filed suit in Jefferson County Circuit Court, arguing that the Alabama law limiting who can offer the procedure violates the due process and equal protection clauses of the Alabama constitution. Westphal owned Natural White LLC in Mooresville, NC and had planned to expand his business to Huntsville before a learning the state barred such services by non-medical professionals.


Time Magazine accidentally reveals greater autism fraud


Time Magazine (8/28) is covering the ongoing CDC whistleblower scandal. (“Whistleblower Claims CDC Covered Up Data Showing Vaccine-Autism Link,” by Alice Park)

In one piece of one sentence, without meaning to, the article blows another hole in the 2004 study that whistleblower William Thompson exposed as a fraud.

A hole beyond what Thompson has admitted to in his public mea culpa statement of August 27th.

What Time Magazine revealed demonstrates that the entire study is based on a lie.


FCC Openly Trying To Track You Via Your Cell Phone…


Under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), cellphone service providers meet the guidelines if an accurate location is given to 911 call centers for only outdoor wireless 911 calls. However, the FCC is working to update this rule because of the increasing number of Americans who are turning off their land-lines and turning on their cellphones indoors.

The proposed change to Enhanced 911 (E911) rules includes indoor location accuracy. The FCC website states that the Commission proposes that wireless providers meet interim location accuracy metrics that would be sufficient to identify the building for most indoor calls.

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