1 month of AMAZING volcanic activity caught on video around the world — Major unrest showing globally

If you have been paying attention EVEN A LITTLE BIT over the past few weeks, you most likely know that things are getting rather “active” seismically, and geologically speaking.

Above: May 8, 2015 – Sakurajima volcano in Japan sends off 11 blasts in 1 days time, this eruption being one of the larger events of the day. (Dutchsinse)


May 13, 2015
Dutchsinse Youtube Channel


With the recent wave of large earthquakes (multiple 7.0M+ earthquakes in the past 2 weeks), as well as the multiple new unexpected eruptions in multiple regions over the same time frame, it should be no shock that new unexpected eruptions are now occurring one right after the other.


Over the past 24 hours we have seen new reports, and video of eruptions in Japan, and Nicaragua, as well as lava lake draining occurring in Hawaii

The past 30 days, from April 14, 2015 to today’s date , May 13, 2015 clearly shows major volcanic activity has (is) taking place.

The eruptions speak for themselves, multiple large events in a short amount of time.  Worthy to make note of, this is certain!

Watch 16 other videos here.

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