Alabama House Anti-Agenda 21 Bill Committee Vote this Week




Jeremy Smith

ATR News

The companion bill to SB477 (more coverage here), was introduced by Representative Steve McMillan  in the Alabama House of Representatives. The bill, listed as HB618, is in the House Commerce and Small Business Committee. Please take a moment to call or email Representative Steve McMillan and show your appreciation for his sponsorship of this legislation:
Representative Steve McMillan
(334-242-7723) or

HB618 will be coming up for a vote on Wednesday, April 27th at 3:00 p.m. Central. It is very important that everyone call and email the members of the House Commerce and Small Business Committee between now and Wednesday. Urge them to help get the HB 618 out of committee by voting for the bill.  Remember that it is always more effective if you remain polite and to the point. Rep. Jack Williams

(334-242-7779) or


Rep. Craig Ford




Rep. Richard Baughn

(334-242-7593) or

(800-877-7634) Barry Moore

(334-242-7773) or

(334-393-4264) Kurt Wallace

(334-242-7772) or


Rep. David Colson (334-242-7535) or (334-548-5475)


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