AltMind: Know Your Enemy

In my lifetime, I have witnessed the opening and closing of many chapters of American history. We are seeing the closing of the chapter that states that every American has a fighting chance if they try hard enough. We are begining, as my generation grows older, to expose the illusion of American democracy. – All around the globe people are beginning to stand against all forms of oppresion and all injustices, both large and small. Universal as well as local. For far to long people have been apathetic in their political views and have settled for a fake plastic version of democracy. We have seen the affects of this false democratic system as unemployment rises & national policies are changed for the worst, for example, NDAA or the Patriot Acts or the pending internet censorship bill that our government seems determined to pass inspite of national outcry. The gross police brutality that has taken place in occupy camps is comparable to nothing else. Around the globe and around the country there is a threat to democracy, persistantly growing with no signs of slowing down. You may ask yourself how we, here in small town alabama, can make a difference in contrast to such vast and extensive corruption. Well, my answer is that we are the only people who change the progression toward an American government that is becoming more and more unrecognizable.

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