America: 40 years Preparing to Live without God – How’s that Going?
Rev. Michael Bresciani

For a generation our academics, social activist, liberal politicians and Tinsel Town tramps have been engaged in pushing God out of the national consciousness. They have made great strides and have only a few big hurdles left. One is same sex marriage, the other, no one has any clue about is – judgment.

Extreme you say? Just look at these headlines ripped from the news cycle on just one single day. If these headlines don’t clinch it for you wait a few days and look again, they are coming faster now than a tsunami.

    • Watch this unhinged bully stomp all over pro-life signs at Ohio State Catholic Gonzaga
    • University won’t allow Catholic students to form Catholic group
    • Inmates taped doing drugs, brandishing gun in New Orleans
    • Rapper is really sorry for lyrics about date rape that you interpreted as lyrics about date rape


    • Criminal justice professor arrested three times—in March—for drugs, child porn


    • Army Training Material on ‘Religious Extremism’ Lists Evangelical Christians, Catholics and Some Jews alongside KKK, Al-Qaeda and Hamas


    • Cringe-Inducing: MSNBC Host Uses Young Daughter to Push Gay Marriage, Asks Her If She’d ‘Marry a Girl’


    • Why I Want Picture of Jesus Removed from Public School


    • You’re a White Supremacist if You Oppose Abortion


    • FCC May Allow ‘Brief’ Nudity, More Cursing on Broadcast TV


    • Major general stripped of position over sexual allegations


  • Obama, The Narcissist-In-Chief Mentions Himself 7 Times In 269 Word Passover Message

These headlines are not meant to make us feel sick – they are the evidence that we are sick.

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