ATR New 5/29/12 Google scooped your info, Panetta continues the insanity, Bilderberg News, PLUS a short documentary on the NWO!

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast May 29th, 2012

Tonight on ATR News, JB takes you through the headlines! Google got your info and Germany wants to know why, SecDef Panetta says he’s ready to stop Iran with military action, US veterans not receiving benefits promised, Bilderberg 2012 getting ready for protesters, PLUS a short documentary on the new world order, their agenda, and how it can be stopped!

Stories in tonight’s show:

Google Privacy Inquiries Get Little Cooperation

Panetta: U.S. is Ready to Stop Iran from Creating Nuclear Weapons

US veterans face financial ruin waiting for benefits from overburdened VA

Bilderberg Concerned Over Mass Protests

Fight The New World Order with Global Non Compliance (Full Version)

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