ATR News: 3/21/12 Lionel’s PHONY 2012, DHS and FEMA’s new “Corps” PLUS Cops arrest NBC reporters and Dr. Paul’s new op-ed.

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast March 21st, 2012

We at ATR News are proud to bring you our first unrestricted show! No more rushing through at 25 minutes in, we now will be bringing you at least an hour of hard hitting news every night! On this installment we cover an interesting take on Kony 2012 by none other than Lionel himself, we play the clip from his latest podcast on the topic. We also go over the new army FEMA will have at its disposal very soon. Plus a horrifying story of Chicago cops trampling the Bill of Rights, and Ron Paul telling the Obama administration exactly how he feels about killing America citizens without a trial…

Stories in tonight’s show:

LIONEL PODCAST: More on CFR Lackey and Globalist Putz George Clueless Plus the World from the Fish Bowl

White House Launches FEMA Corps Program for Disaster Preparedness

Cop Arrests NBC Reporters, Says “Your First Amendment Right Can Be Terminated”

Ron Paul blasts Obama for killing Americans

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