Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast April 29th, 2012

Today on the Sunday Edition: We pull the knives from our backs put there by our “representatives” with the passing of CISPA by the house, a list of Alabama congressmen who voted YES follows. Next Microsoft has pulled support of CISPA, shocking. Then we cover the Russian-Chinese naval drills that will soon begin in the name of combating piracy on the high seas. Finally we play a clip of a debate by Dean Baker and Jeffrey Tucker on the federal reserve.

Stories in today’s show:

CISPA: Let Congress Know You Will Not Let Them Trash the Fourth Amendment

Alabamians and Americans BETRAYED! List of AL Reps that voted YES on CISPA!

Microsoft does about face on CISPA

Russia, China trade naval know-how in drills

Empire Unplugged: A Salon with Dean Baker & Jeffrey Tucker on the Federal Reserve

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