ATR News 4/30/12 Health News Monday PLUS Asteroid Mining funded by Google/Goldman-Sachs and much MORE!

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast April 30th, 2012

Tonight we cover many health topics, first up we go over the benefits of raw honey. JB even gives his personal testimony of the powerful effects of using raw honey and propolis in your diet. Next an Argentinian Mother wins an environmental award for her fight against the devastating effects monSATAN’s products have had on her home village. Then we take a look at the differences in diets around the world, and unfortunately their similarities. Next the top story of the night is a new space company is investing in asteroid mining technology, however the top investors include Google and Goldman-Sachs CEO’s. Finally the Huffington Post has an excellent article on why Ron Paul could win.

Stories in tonight’s show:

The benefits of raw honey

Mother Wins Top Environmental Award for Beating Monsanto

Amazing Photos Show What the World Really Eats

REVEALED: The Asteroid Mining Plan Backed By Google And Goldman Billionaires

Ron Paul Can Win

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