ATR News 5/15/12 Facebook: The Child Molesters Playground, PLUS news on the DOJ vs Arpaio and more!

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast May 15th, 2012

Tonight JB is back with a power packed show! Tonight’s topics include: Dems call for ban on self defense, the DOJ is suing Sheriff Arpaio, the army admits the re-education camp manual was NOT for public view, the darkside of facebook:the play ground for child molesters, plus 30 hospitalized by tainted “spice.” All that and more on ATR News!

Stories in tonight’s show:

Congressional Democrats Introduce Amendment to Outlaw Self Defense

Sheriff Joe Arpaio sued by justice department

Meet the Radical DOJ Lawyers Suing Sheriff Joe

Army Admits Re-Education Camp Manual “Not Intended For Public Release”

Kids raped, sodomized on Facebook pages

Can Facebook’s child-porn explosion be stopped?

Kid-porn scandal: Is Facebook still good investment?

Facebook kid porn: Reaction hot and heavy

30 hospitalized by tainted spice

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