ATR News 5/30/12 Sex Crimes in AL, Chinese Microchips found to have backdoors, PLUS the #1 reason to delete your Facebook

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast May 30th, 2012

Tonight we have a power packed episode of ATR News! We begin our weekend long coverage of the Bilderberg 2012 Confab. AP reports investigations into sex crimes in Alabama’s own Tutwiler prison. A 17 year old girl is on the presidents secret “kill list,” A security back door was located on Chinese microchips bought for US military uses, Obama and Congress agree the internet must be murdered in cold blood with HR 628 and the ICCIS, PLUS a very informative clip about why you should delete your facebook! (Satire from the Onion News, however it highlights VERY real points…)

Stories in tonight’s show:

DOJ looking into Alabama prison sex abuse claims

17-Year-Old Girl Included On Obama’s Secret ‘Kill List’

Security backdoor found in China-made US military chip

Obama and Congress Approve Resolution that Supports UN Internet Takeover

The Very Best Reason To… CLOSE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT (Video)

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