ATR News 5/7/12 DEA Forgets student, spends 5 days w/o food or water! Youtube deletes Ron Paul videos, PLUS MORE!

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast May 7th, 2012

Tonight on ATR News, JB covers the horrific story of a young college student who was locked in a cell for five days with no food or water by the DEA, he wasn’t even guilty of a crime, he was “forgotten” about. Next Youtube deletes hundreds of Ron Paul video, a definite sign the establishment is worried! Then we go over hoe Dr. Paul has won enough delegates to be a contender in Tampa! Next we have a local story of government land grabbing and the disrespect ALDOT has for private property rights! Finally FL Gov. Rick Scott, stands up for the Second Amendment!

Stories in tonight’s show:

San Diego college student forgotten in cell says he drank his urine

YouTube Sends Hundreds of Ron Paul Videos to Memory Hole

Ron Paul carries enough states to be a force in Tampa Bay

Northern Beltline will displace longtime property owners

FL Governer Rick Scott Upholds 2nd Amendment During GOP Convention

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