ATR News Live Broadcast 2/21/12

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast February 21st, 2012

Tonight JB takes you through the headlines! Is Obama America’s greatest gun salesman? A man was beaten to death but the police didn’t show, they were too busy with occupiers, hows that for your tax dollars at work? Mircosoft calls Google out for spying on users, Iran says they’ll attack if they get a wiff of anything fishy, we play a clip from of Pat Buchanan and his thoughts on the middle east, and a new scary NSA treat against the American people, this time they’re planning a cyber false flag…

Stories in tonight’s show:

Might Barack Obama Be ‘The Greatest Gun Salesman in America?’ Take a Look…

Berkeley Police Too ‘Occupied’ to Deal With Brutal Beating That Left Man Dead

Is Google Sneaking Around Internet Explorer Privacy Controls Too?

Iran to unleash ‘God’s vengeance’ against potential air strike

Buchanan: What Happens in Iran and Syria is None of Our Business

Scary NSA Propaganda: Anonymous Cyberattack Will Take Down Power Grid

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