ATR News Live Broadcast 3/7/12 Power-packed double show! More on the Breitbart death, Youtube’s censorship for the TSA plus much, much more!

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast March 7th, 2012

In tonight’s power packed two part show, JB breaks down the events with Andrew Breibart, his death, and the recently released tapes and exposes how these were not the tapes the late Mr. Breitbart died for. Also we cover how youtube is censoring videos that expose the TSA and the failure of the naked body scanners, plus a look into what was dubbed “The Heart Attack Gun”, and its possible relevance to the death of Andrew Breitbart.

In the second segment of the show we go over the recent arrest of five hackers associated with Anons and Lulzsec, and some of their ties to the FBI. Also Mozilla has just released a new Firefox addon which promises to pull back the veil of secrecy when it comes to cookies and third party tracking. Plus we go over the latest and greatest draconian overreach by the federal government: HR347 the “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011″ or as we like to call it, the repeal of the First Amendment to the Constitution of These United States…

Stories in tonight’s show:

YouTube Restricts Video Of Engineer Proving How Useless TSA Scanners Are

Not the Video Breitbart Died For: Leaked Obama Vid Already Aired on PBS in 2008

Breitbart and the CIA’s Heart Attack Gun

Anonymous to prevail sans Sabu: ‘He’s a traitor; LulzSec long-dead; we have no leaders’

Tracking the trackers: Mozilla’s anti-Big Brother add-on

H.R. 347: Another Step in the Elimination of the First Amendment

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