ATR News Podcast 8-16-12 Recent Shootings Update, Threats to your Health, Rap Group sues FBI and More!

Alabama Truth Radio
Podcast August 16th, 2012

Tonight on ATR News, JB gives an update on the recent shootings, the stories keep changing. Four simple ways to improve your health today. Also the race for your life is on, with all the dangers to your health, will your DNA survive? Rap group sues the FBI and events to watch for rising gas prices and much much more!
ATR News – Podcast 8-16-12

 Links in tonight’s show:

 Joker case gagged: Media fight Colorado court ban

FBI says gunman in Sikh shootings killed himself

Email from Listeners: Obama’s Father served in WWII??

4 Absurdly Simple Ways to Radically Improve Your Health in Under 10 Minutes

The Great Culling has begun: Will your genetic lineage survive?

Insane Clown Posse Is Suing the FBI

Richmond oil refinery fire likely caused by corroded pipe – investigators



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