ATR News Special Report: Monster Sinkhole Threatens Massive Explosion in Louisiana!


LOUISIANA SINKHOLE, is a major disaster being covered up?

Jeremy sits in for JB, and files a stunning special report about the Louisiana sinkhole, how it came to be and what might could happen….

Starting in April of 2012, this disaster has become one of the most dangerous facing our nation.  Jeremy explores the concept of storing hydrocarbons in salt dome caverns, and the potential catastrophic nature of a disaster relating to them.

Information covered in this report:

Monster sinkhole sparks catastrophe worries

Salt dome – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

HD Photos from Lower Mississippi Keeper’s Flickr Album

Overview of Salt Caverns – Salt Cavern Information Center

Storage of Natural Gas – NaturalGas.Org

Map of all the Louisiana Salt Dome Underground GAS Storage Facilities NEAR the Sink Hole

Idaho Picker – Youtube Channel

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