ATRNEWS LOCAL: Susan Moore Elementary Teacher Arrested for DUI





March 27, 2013

SUSAN MOORE, AL,  In a shocking turn of events, a public school teacher has been charged with DUI,  after being
stopped by Alabama State Troopers. Melonie Brooks Ray, a first grade teacher at Susan Moore Elementary School in the small town of Susan Moore, Alabama, was pulled over at the intersection of Susan Moore Road and Highway 75. The traffic stop, which occurred Thursday, March 21,  was less than a mile from the school that she teaches at.

According to her biography on the school’s website, Mrs. Ray holds a Master’s Degree in elementary education, and has been teaching for eleven years.

Mrs. Ray is innocent until proven guilty of her charges in a court of law. We will deliver more details as they emerge.


  1. This has been an issue all year at Susan Moore. Multiple complaints to Principal, yet nothing has been done. How hard is it to give a Teacher that is clearly out of their mind a drug test? Even the Superintendent sent this Teacher home early, of course the Super won’t tell the parents why he sent this Teacher home. She was arrested LEAVING the School! This Teacher was on Drugs and Alcohol at School! My two kids saw this teacher being handcuffed and placed into a police car. This should have been delt with EARLY this School year.

  2. **** you Robin. Obviously she was going through a rough time. Even though rules are rules and “should” be followed. The good “Christian” people of Snead and Susan Moore should have been there to help her… not judge her.

  3. They should of drugs tested her then and they would of known she was using and still is.

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