Beginning to unravel Petrus Romanus: The Coat Of Arms

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I wanted to wait until the official coat of arms was released for Pope Francis. Well here it is:

The first thing that struck me was the Upside down cross in the middle of the I H S.


Note how the foot of the cross carries on thru the bar of the H. The following are a couple of images found on the web that shows a distinct difference. Most of the images I found either had the foot of the cross resting on the bar of the H, completely detached from the H or carrying on thru the bar of the H for a much longer distance forming another right-side up cross.



Of course the upside down cross need not depict anything sinister. It could simply represent Saint Peter. He  is often referred to as being crucified on an upside down cross. BUT,  if we use this explanation then we are forced to say that the Malachy Prophecy of the Popes is correct. (It is well documented that most of his descriptions refer to the Popes Coat of Arms), and here is Peter on Pope Francis’ Coat of Arms.

There is a good article here: that gives the official explanation of the coat of arms.

In part it says: “On the lower left is a star representing the Virgin Mary, and on the lower right is a branch of the tuberose flower, representing St. Joseph, the patron of the Universal Church.”

There are a few things that puzzled me about that statement. If I Google image search Virgin Mary symbolism, I find many images of the Lily. I do not find any images of the five pointed star.

If I Google image search tuberose flower I find no images that look like a bunch of grapes. In fact when I first saw the image I thought they were grapes. I bet you did too.

I decided to investigate further. Knowing that occultism likes to invert things I inverted the coat of arms. The results were stunning!

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