Bilderberg 2016

Charlie Skelton

The annual three-day Bilderberg conference kicks off on Thursday, and you can be sure the mood in Dresden will be a grim one. The heads of Google, Shell, BP and Deutsche Bank will be there, and Brexit will be top of the agenda. The Bilderberg Group has been nurturing the EU to life since the 1950s, and now they see their creation under dire threat. Read More.

German paper Mitteldeutsche Zeitung ( reports the elite will also be erecting a “high fence” left over from a G7 meeting of finance ministers which took place at the hotel over a year ago.

Security at this year’s secretive meeting is expected to be tight, with the City of Dresden establishing a large “security restricted area” around the hotel starting at noon on Wednesday, June 8 til 4PM Sunday, June 12.

“During this time, demonstrations in the field are completely banned,” “The ‘formation of crowds with more than 15 people is forbidden.’” Read More.

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