Chinese Communist Takeover of America!

By Angel Diaz

A shocking youtube video shows how China is taking over America from the communist party colors being shown on the lights of the Manhattan to the chinese pianist playing a song calling Americans “jackals” in the song about Vietnam in which we are the enemy to the jobs we pay to ship over there using the same money we’re supposed to use to create jobs here to China buying up America and consolidating once American banks to the chinese moving workers here to be tax exempt to continue raping the economy to the extreme notion of building a communist red zone city in America!  We are being invaded!

In Club of Rome, the Bilderbergs talk about giving some American lands to the Chinese and some to the Russians in an attempt to encourage the global takeover as the global elite share the spoils of our once founded Republic!  We have fallen very far and it’s all from the plastic flags made in China sold to you at Walmart funding the takeover of your very own Country!

Instead of fighting each other, now is the time to truly WAKE UP!  America is on “RED ALERT” and it’s only going to get worse unless we stand up for our torn up Republic!  I know it’s been pulverized but the Constitution isn’t just a piece of paper and neither is the Bill of Rights.  These documents exist in the hearts and minds of men everywhere, still!  We must do what we can to wake people up to this takeover then do what they did in Iceland and say no to this debt.  This debt is not ours, it belongs to ponzi scheming banksters, like David Rockefeller, and they just signed us on to it without our permission!  Iceland knew it and they stood up to them!

What would our Founders say if they saw all of this?!  I know they would rally brave men and find a way to oppose these dangerous actions!  Where are all the patriots?  Where are the brave men who believe in freedom?  Did you not hear the war cry of the dying G.I.?  Where are the heroes of America who would “die for this Country?”  When they travel overseas and die for men who are like the enemy pretending to be one of us sending us to die and laughing calling our soldiers “dumb animals” and “cannon fodder,” where are the outcries for justice?!  Quit being spineless jellyfish and start being a man!

Read entire article and view video HERE.

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