Coincidence, Cyberwarfare, or Digital False Flag: Watch out for the exploitation of any crisis

Regardless of what caused today’s cyber blunder triple play, be ever vigilant that crises like these are not exploited to take away freedoms and grant governments even more power to invade your privacy and your life.

LA Times

Wednesday morning’s spate of technological foul-ups grounded United Airlines flights, sidelined the Wall Street Journal’s website and halted trading for hours on the New York Stock Exchange.
[…]On Wednesday, three of the nation’s top federal law enforcement officials strongly urged Congress and Silicon Valley to allow government authorities immediate, instant access to encrypted cellphones and other Internet devices.

The coincidental timing of that pitch — on the same day that the outages occurred — might bolster officials’ case that more stringent measures are needed to protect American computers and national infrastructure from cyberattacks, despite objections from Silicon Valley. Read More.

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