Crowd Sourcing: Brilliant New Activism Device, The Roving Info-Wagon!

Taking it Back to the Streets …

Revolutions are fought on the streets. The street is the great equalizer.

In the 60′ & 70’s we didn’t have the Internet, and still we changed the world by stopping a war.

Today the Internet with it’s social interaction is also changing the world. And my dream is to bring the best the Internet has to offer to the streets of New Orleans. And hopefully to other cities around the world.

As can be seen when I first entered Alex Jones contest over a year ago with the prototype of the every first Info-Wagon, I realized that the streets need to be heard and seen. From homeless veterans to active Colonels have come up to peruse my art, judges, civil-servants, students, housewives, professors and police have read my fliers and discussed our state of affairs. I wish I could have broadcast everyone of them. And the surprises never stop.

Read entire idea and see the Info-Wagon HERE

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