Sheriff’s Department assaults protestors at JFK rally


Radio host Alex Jones and a crowd of protestors have just been assaulted by police in Dallas.jfk-rally-01 At around 1:30pm CST the crowd of protestors were allowed into the area outside of Dealey Plaza. Approximately 10-15 minutes later more police arrived and begin to shove Jones and a group of protestors.

Jones claims he and others were actually punched by police. Police were caught on video violently assaulting and shoving Jones and the crowd. This has been a display of absolute authoritarian aggression from the Powers That Be that fear and hate the Truth and Freedom.

jfk-rally-02Reports from the scene have revealed that the goon force that arrived and attacked protestors was affiliated with the sheriff’s department and not the Dallas police. An eyewitness also said that federal authorities were seen organizing the attack with the sheriff’s department. Federal fusion buses were also spotted at the scene.

This act is shameful, tyrannical, and Un-American. Videos below show this cowardly act unfold.

Video streaming by Ustream

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