DOJ Wants More for Prisons Than U.S. Security

Courthouse News

President Obama’s proposed 2014 budget for the Department of Justice will spend $4.1 billion more on prisons than on “national security,” the Justice Department revealed Wednesday.

Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday released the proposed 2014 budget for the Department of Justice: $27.6 billion – $1.6 billion less than the FY 2013 Justice budget, due to sequestration.

President Obama’s proposal for the Justice Department is up 3 percent from the FY 2012 proposal, but less than this year’s budget, the Department of Justice said in a statement.

According to the Justice Department statement, the proposal includes:

$8.5 billion for federal prisons and detention;
$4.4 billion for national security;
$395.1 million for (undefined) protection from gun violence;
$92.6 million enhancement for cyber security;
$55 million increase for investigating and prosecuting financial and mortgage fraud;
$25 million increase for immigration enforcement;
$258.6 million for civil rights;
$2.3 billion in assistance to state, local and tribal law enforcement;
$561.4 million in federal program offsets and rescissions.

Holder called the last item “efficiencies,” required by the budget sequestration.

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