Erin Brockovich To Investigate Mystery Illness At Le Roy High School

The Huffington Post 

UPDATED JAN. 30: CNN reported that the Le Roy Central School District is hiring an outside environmental testing company to test Le Roy High School and the surrounding community.

“Our community has suddenly found itself at the center of national attention due to the students who have been exhibiting neurological symptoms,” school district superintendent Kim M. Cox said in a statement, CNN reported. “This has led to much speculation, conjecture and misinformation in the national media and consequently within our community.”

For more, read CNN’s report.

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What’s causing the mysterious tic-like illness affecting 15 students at Le Roy High School in New York?

The famous environmental activist Erin Brockovich is aiming to get to the bottom of it.

USA Today reported that Brockovich — the woman who linked cancer cases with toxic drinking water in California, spurring a 2000 movie starring Julia Roberts — is going to launch her own investigation into the cause of the illness that has now affected 14 girls and one boy at the school.

Brockovich is getting involved upon finding out that there was a toxic chemical spill that occurred near the school 40 years ago, thereby contaminating the water and ground, USA Today reported.

Read entire article HERE.

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