FLASHBACK: Oxford, Alabama Destroying A 1500-Year-Old Indian Mound To Build A Sam’s Club

Why wasn’t this national news? Where was opposition from archaeological groups? The high cost of low prices…


Originally published on Friday, July 10, 2009

After writing the post yesterday about how the city of Oxford is destroying a 1500-year-old Indian mound to use it as fill for the building of a Sam’s Club, I just had to go see it for myself.

 It towers over the shopping center “Oxford Exchange”:

You can see how the hill has just been scraped clean – there are roads around the mound all the way to the top. This hill used to be wooded and now there is just a sad clump of a few trees at the very top where the stone mound is (just to be crystal-clear here – the stone mound is at the top of this hill. It’s the stone mound at the top that is man-made. The hill itself is not man-made):

Read entire article and see pictures HERE

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  1. In 2009, when i learned of this, i went to my store manager and on my behalf, she called around to try and get more information. I also called the Mayor’s office of Oxford and talked with the (then) secretary. She later called me back and told me that “fill dirt” from the mound was no longer going to be used, that a local (Oxford) property owner had offered ‘fill dirt’ from his property to be used in the construction site.

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