Free Speech? Not In Amerika. Rob Schneider Fired For Anti-Vaccine Stance

The Hivemind Enforcement Brigade has claimed another victim.
This time it’s the seemingly harmless comedian Rob Schneider. Schneider, who recently resurrected his quiet funny “making copies guy” Saturday Night Live persona for a State Farm add, has been canned by the fearful eunuchs at State Farm. Why? Because he said something racist? Because he was once involved in a domestic dispute? Because he once spanked his kid? No, because he is “anti-vaccine” and the dutiful enforcers of the correct opinion on that issue rose up in collective indignation. How dare State Farm hire a funny guy to reprise a funny role since he once voiced a stray opinion? Doesn’t State Farm realize that once some malcontent voices an opinion that deviates from the accepted script, then he should no longer be allowed to pursue gainful employment? Jenny McCarthy was the victim of a similar campaign when she was hired to be on The View, but managed to keep her job, at least for a while. (As an aside, when I got all excited seeing the making copies guy again, I had to explain to my kids what the big deal was. They didn’t get it.)

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