HAARP Attack Deep South Deep Freeze Across Eastern Half Of The USA


While much of the Eastern half of the United States is now in a mega-deep freeze with temperatures below zero up and down the Eastern half of the US and negative 30 to 40 degrees wind chills in some places, the deep south is preparing to be pounded by a late January snowstorm that is bringing Arctic temps, snow and ice to the region. Was this latest polar vortex and series of winter storms across the Eastern half of the US brought about by HAARP? A look at the HAARP graphic below lines up perfectly with Accuweathers weather graphic below it. The Weather Space’s ‘HAARP Status’ page reveals magnitude frequency ranges between 7 and 9, typically associated with strong storms and severe weather, in the same regions as those now being hit by ‘paralyzing’ and ‘crippling’ weather. Has HAARP caused all this mess as suggested in the newly released video below from Jarreau24?

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