Has a secret been blown at Redstone Arsenal? Mysterious Radar blip spotted in Huntsville AL *UPDATE* Redstone releases statement


Official Statement Released from Redstone Arsenal:

“Aviation and missile technology testing at Redstone collects data that protects and improves the weapon systems that America’s sons and daughters are using in ongoing overseas contingency operations, and in forward-deployed areas worldwide.  As a matter of Operational Security policy, we do not offer details concerning the circumstances under which testing activities are performed.  Further, discussing specific measures and operational procedures could adversely affect the success of testing activities.  We routinely evaluate and validate weapon systems and components so that we and our allies can maintain the edge over adversaries.  Testing assures that war fighting capabilities are in a high state of readiness.”


11:00 AM Update: UAH finds fiberglass chaff on Zierdt Road

10:30 AM Update: The radar experts at UAHuntsville weigh in and call the mysterious blob “chaff.” Here’s the UAH animation of the blob reflectivity and velocity data: UAH Radar Loop. This is not an official statement, and it does not attempt to explain it in full.

– WHNT News 19

Earlier this afternoon a strange radar blip was noticed over the Redstone Arsenal area near Huntsville, Alabama.

KHTX-Huntsville-Hytop KHTX-Huntsville-Hytop

Here is what Local Expert Meteorologist, James Spann had to say:

THIS AFTERNOON: A quiet weather day for the northern half of Alabama… the only issue is the “mystery echo” on the Hytop radar over Huntsville near Redstone Arsenal…

The sky over Huntsville is mostly clear, and there are no controlled burns, and the radar echo doesn’t look like chaff deployed from military aircraft. We will keep working it, but for now it remains a mystery.

Down south, we have seen a few scattered storms over the southern half of the state, but they are widely spaced.


Theories are abound and some have actually been tested, take a look at this article from valleywx.com:

No, we don’t know what that blob on radar is over West Huntsville this afternoon. It’s centered near the northwest edge of Redstone Arsenal close to Zierdt Road and Madison Boulevard/I-565:

Reflectivity - it's not RAIN!

Reflectivity – it’s not RAIN!

Correlation Coefficient - what ever it is, it's not uniform in consistency and orientation.

Correlation Coefficient – what ever it is, it’s not uniform in consistency and orientation.

What we do know is there is no smoke, the sky is clear (underneath a few passing clouds), and it’s not rain.My guess is that we won’t ever find out what it is because it’s probably a result of a military test.

4:50 PM Update: I just got off the phone with Bill Yell at Huntsville Utilities, and it appears that this mystery blob could be the result of a damaged substation in the Madison or West Huntsville area. Huntsville Utilities is sending out a person with a spectral analyzer to see if indeed there is some kind of frequency being generated at the substation that would “trick” the radar into thinking there is something there.

6:00 PM Update: Just got a note from Bill at Huntsville Utilities; they found no damage or strange frequency coming from the substation. Back to the drawing board…

10:15 PM Update: There is still no official word on what this radar anomaly over Huntsville is.  It’s still there at 10:15 PM, though.  Whatever it is, it’s showing less and less reflectivity by the minute, so it may dissipate soon.

We may never know what it is if it’s coming from a test at the Arsenal. Top secret stuff trumps our desire to know what’s going on.


Note the high-reflectivity radar echoes over Madison County, just NE of the HSV Airport.  It is not a thunderstorm.  It is not even raining up there.  People have reported white feathery material falling from the sky on a road near Redstone Arsenal.  A source at UAH told me that NASA called Redstone to ask what was going on, and they had no comment other than “there are no prescribed burns today”, referring to burning of trees, grass, trash, etc.

The radar echoes are likely chaff, the material dropped by U.S. military aircraft to make it look like there are airplanes where there are not any.  This helps hide our airplanes from attack by enemy fighters and missiles.  I don’t know for sure what it is.  I have seen chaff on radar before.  It is usually not this intense, however.

-Dr. Tim Coleman- Fox 6 Birmingham AL


At this point the radar blip remains a mystery. Shortly after these images hit social media, buzz began to build about the Redstone Arsenal and possible secret or black projects.


Notice the last tweet in that sequence, seems as though even Mr. Spann is open to the possibility of “top secret” operations conducted at the arsenal.

We will have more on this story as it develops. If you have any tips, information, or pictures that could shed light on this mystery, please contact us HERE



  1. would be good if someone got a sample of the ‘white feather stuff’ that was falling near Zierdt Rd and could get it to a lab to be analysed…

    • Excellent idea! I have a friend at Auburn University who could run some tests if anyone could collect the sample!

  2. ATI Wah Chang is located in that area as well as Wyle laboratories… could be something from them?

  3. Very Interesting indeed.

    If I had to make a guess as to the root cause of the anomaly, I’d say it was coming from a project I once worked on at (DoD Contractor name remains undisclosed – VTS/ code name “Stalin Spear” out of Alaska (location highly “classified”) – A Zeus Cannon was used to heat the Ionosphere over a test site on the Arsenal (normally used to locate enemy subs under the polar caps) – not detectable by the naked eye. A special operations division working at the remote site of code name “Outpost Omega” was responsible for the special operations test which can be detected only by high frequency X band radar. It usually shows up as a anomaly or passed off as a radar glitch.

    Of course that’s just a theory…aliens is my second choice 🙂

  4. Just searched on google earth.. the pulse epicenter is the Raytheon Building just north of the Highway!

    34°42’45.81″N , 86°41’29.40″W

    • Wow, thank you so much, I knew you would be able to shed some much needed light on this subject. Ladies and Gentlemen listen to this man-> Dutchsinse, he KNOWS what he’s talking about. Anyone else find it interesting its centered at Raytheon?

      • Guess who else has a large building at the Epicenter of the pulse..

        BAE Systems.. the builder of HAARP in Alaska ! In a crazy twist of fate.. also at the location… DECIBEL SYSTEMS!! A RADAR company!

        34°42’55.18″N , 86°40’47.21″W

        also at the epicenter.. Northrop Grumman, the Defense Acquisition University, and SPARTA

        • Dutch, did you find out what other excuse they had for the one coming out of Texas, or Colorado Utah, besides using us as experiments, and I still had not seen any wars for decades other than the ones they are killing us with, microwaves, tta’s, haarp, etc. The explanations or excuses seem like decades old.

  5. posted in twitter from UAH Severe Weather @uahsevere
    The Severe Weather & Radar research groups at the Univ of Alabama in Huntsville. Follow our field projects w/ our mobile & profiling radar systems.

    Huntsville, AL · vortex.nsstc.uah.edu/mips/: Long animation (1826 – 0450 UTC) of the “blob” yesterday from KHTX. We believe it is likely chaff. http://vortex.nsstc.uah.edu/uahsevere/img/KHTX_Blob.gif

  6. This is likely the effect of a new weapon.. like anti radar “chaff” bomb for a area. why would they publicly disclose military secrets in news that crosses the globe in this day and age? everyone seems to think that they should know everything.. there are things most of us should not know because we cant spread it across the internet to everyone to see making it useless for its purpose.. ever think we dont see war for decades because of these same reasons? although americans are dumb in general. we keep the genius minds away from you zombies for a good reason.. try questioning why a bunch of morons still remain the global superpower..

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