Huntsville’s Mystery Radar Anomaly Still Raising Questions; Official Story Doesn’t Add Up

Independent experts and media still have many questions regarding the events of June 4th, citing radar technology companies at epicenter of radar return. The official story is full of holes….


On the afternoon on Tuesday, June 4, a radar anomaly was spotted on radar hovering over Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. This radar “blob” stayed visible on the radar until late into the evening.

More coverage of Huntsville’s radar anomaly from Alabama Truth:

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Coverage of radar anomaly from Dutchsinse:

6/5/2013 — Huntsville RADAR mystery = BAE Systems, Raytheon, and DECIBEL RESEARCH Inc.

After a lot of media attention the “official story” is as follows:

WBRC – The Redstone Arsenal confirmed chaff is what caused an unusual radar pattern on Tuesday.
AL.COM – Officials with Redstone Arsenal have confirmed the unusual blob that appeared on radar images Tuesday was due to chaff emitted from an aircraft as part of routine testing.

WAAY – Redstone Arsenal confirmed Thursday afternoon that chaff dropped from an aircraft Tuesday was responsible for mysterious signatures that showed up on area radar.
WHNT – Redstone Arsenal confirmed the source of Tuesday’s mystery radar blob to be a test conducted by military officials.

This official theory is based upon a very small amount of fiberglass found in the area:


(Photo via @UAHSevere on Twitter)

Sounds like a sealed deal, right? They found the “residue”, released a statement, and the case is closed. Nothing more to see here. Well, the problem is that there are holes in the official story.

First, we must take a look at what chaff is, and what it looks like on radar.

Global Security: Chaff and flares are defensive mechanisms employed from military aircraft to avoid detection and/or attack by adversary air defense systems. Chaff consists of small fibers that reflect radar signals and, when dispensed in large quantities from aircraft, form a cloud that temporarily hides the aircraft from radar detection. The two major types of military chaff in use are aluminum foil and aluminum-coated glass fibers. The aluminum foil-type is no longer manufactured, although it may still be in use.

On a weather watch radar chaff has a very distinct appearance, and naturally moves with the flow of the wind. Chaff does not remain stationary, as did the mystery blob over Redstone Arsenal. Below are some examples of chaff on weather radars:





The mystery radar anomaly over Redstone Arsenal had this stunningly different appearance, and did not disperse with the wind or move like a storm usually would. Below are photos of the mystery radar blip as it appeared over Huntsville Tuesday:














Are we being told the truth? Was this merely a chaff release? You decide.

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