Jihadi Jail Break: Over 2,000 Taliban and al Qaeda Sprung Prompting ‘New Global Terror Threat’


Author Patrick Henningsen is on point here about the double edged nature of the War on Terror. The Taliban were covertly-backed Western allies against the Soviets long before they became ‘the number one threat to Western civilization.’ More recently, al Qaeda members and extremists were knowingly aided in the campaigns against Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria.

Openly allied with al Qaeda and using them to project further threats, the Pentagon/NATO forces are not planning on permanently destroying the mid-east threats … they are far too useful in continuing conflict and hyping terrorism. Thus, if this coordinated series of large scale prison breaks in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan weren’t Western aided, they were surely quietly cheered, even as media headlines put embassies on notice for a supposedly looming threat from al Qaeda terrorists…

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