Mainstream Media Labels their competitors in Alternative Media as “Fake News,” then covers same topics the Alt-Media has been for years

In a push to stay relevant in today’s world of extremely successful Alternative Media, the mainstream press is beginning to cover more topics and stories that are years old within the alternative realm.

Yesterday, the Washing Times published a story covering the use of Stingray cellular capturing devices, used by government agencies and law enforcement to steal private data from citizen’s phones.

Just weeks after labeling these same sort of stories as “fake news,” the failing mainstream is forced to cover the truth that the alternative media has been talking about for years.

From Yesterday’s WT article:

The Department of Homeland Security and Justice Department have spent collectively more than $95 million on secret cellphone tracking technology and own more than 400 cell-site simulators that can be used to zero in covertly on the locations of cellphones, according to a congressional report.

It is good to have the mainstream covering more truth about the surveilled world we live in, however, it is extremely disingenuous and dishonest to label their competitors in the alternative news as “fake,” especially when those competitors have been on the cutting edge of investigative journalism for years.

Here’s a story from last year by Breitbart, one of the mainstream, leftist media’s biggest competitors:

Last week we reported on the investigation by Senators Chuck Grassley and Patrick Leahy into potential IRS abuse of “StingRay” cell site simulation devices. Now the House of Representatives is getting in on the action.

Another report from last year by World Net Daily:

Another tool becoming more common is a stingray device dispensed to local police through the Department of Homeland Security. ‘They drive by your home. [The device] is inside the car, but it acts as a fake cell phone tower,’ he said. ‘It actually can download whatever you’re doing on your laptop or your cell phone.’

The story of the Stingray doesn’t start just last year however. The Alternative Media has been on top of this particular story for several years, one of the many stories the mainstream has neglected.

2014, from

2014 is the year that much has come to light about the very secret and awfully quiet use of a data sweeping technology that has increasingly been used by agencies including the FBI, local law enforcement, and likely private, public and foreign intelligence agencies and even military units… though, due to extreme secrecy, it is just too difficult to know for sure. Moreover, it emerged in 2014 that the FBI has been pressuring police departments to keep quiet about the use of StingRay, which it has also not been obtaining warrants before putting to use

Activist Post has this story from 2013:

According to newly obtained documents, federal agents routinely used the secretive cell phone tracking technology known as “Stingray” while misleading judges about what they were actually doing. ran this story, also as far back as 2013:

It’s getting impossible to keep track of all the new spy tools being rolled out by the police state in the name of “fighting terrorism”, aka spying on innocent American citizens unconstitutionally. I thought that I had my hands full the other day with ARGUS: The World’s Highest Resolution Video Surveillance Platform, but this “Stingray” system is already being deployed illegally in cities throughout the United States. As the EFF states: “The Stingray is the digital equivalent of the pre-revolutionary British soldier.”

Beware of the dishonest tactics being used by the mainstream press to dissuade readers from visiting their competitors. Would you trust someone from Pepsi-Co to tell you that Coka-Cola is fake soda? Of course not, you know they are fighting for their brand to win out in the free market, the mainstream press is doing the same thing. The Alt-Media isn’t “fake news,” it is competition, competition that the mainstream media cannot win against in a fair fight.

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