Navy wants more Raytheon missiles completed at Redstone Arsenal

The U.S. Navy wants more missiles produced by Raytheon Company, which completes final assembly of the weapons at Redstone Arsenal.Raytheon announced this week the Navy awarded the company an additional $149 million for 74 Standard Missile-6 all up rounds, spares containers and services.The company said that when combined with the $109 million long-lead material purchase announced in March, the total full-rate production contract for FY2015-16 is close to $259 million.The contract could grow to nearly $563 million if future contract modifications are exercised.”

The SM-6 has advanced capabilities and speed,” Mike Campisi, SM-6 senior program director, said in the announcement. “Combatant commanders want their deployed ships armed with as many of these interceptors as possible, and we’re ramping up production to meet that need.”SM-6 is a surface-to-air supersonic missile capable of successfully engaging manned and unmanned aerial vehicles and fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. It also defends against land-attack and anti-ship cruise missiles in flight.

Last month, Raytheon announced a $559 million contract with the Navy to provide SM-3 Block missiles. Those missiles also undergo final assembly at Redstone.

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