Northern Beltline will displace longtime property owners

Alan Collins

CLAY, AL (WBRC)- Clay homeowners are distressed to see the early beginnings of work on the Northern Beltline road project.

“It was heartbreaking. Really heartbreaking,” Faye Crawford said.

Crawford, who lives in Clay, is talking about a seeing a marker left by surveyors from the Alabama Department of Transportation on her property for the first time.

“I’d like to maintain the small town of Clay. Some with disagree with that but it will change the whole area no doubt about that,” Crawford said.

The proposed construction work for the beltline would take out the two houses the Crawfords own in Clay. Faye and her husband Bernard Crawford have lived at the location since 1952. The 17 acres of land has been in Faye Crawford’s family for almost 200 years.

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