NSA act like they are at war with ordinary US citizens


It’s almost like an arms race right now in the US between the spies and the ordinary people, who just want to be private and pay their taxes and do their jobs, Chris Kitze, founder of Unseen encrypted secure server, told RT.

RT: Reports have emerged claiming the NSA and GCHQ actually work to hack the codes protecting data like e-mail and bank records. Given the assistance of major service providers, how much data can the spies access?

Chris Kitze: Probably all of it. I think your listeners and viewers should assume that everything that goes through the NSA has been broken in real time. I think they want the ability to look back in time to see somebody and find a pattern. And so, they’re looking at who this person was in contact with, what they said to that person, those kinds of things. The problem here in the United States is that it’s actually against the law, it’s called wiretapping. And you can do it when you want, but you can’t do it on a huge scale. Like, apparently, they’ve been doing.

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