Oral contraceptives linked to prostate cancer in men.

By JB, Feb 13, 2012

Today a shocking study performed by Princess Margaret Hospital, University of Toronto, revealed that there is a correlation between civilizations that use oral contraception and prostate cancer in men. According to this report the estrogen in the birth control passes through the female’s urine and actually pollutes the environment. The men, then exposed to low levels of estrogen, develop more cases of prostate cancer.

Although this report is a preliminary study, it just goes to show how wide spectrum the eugenics nightmare stretches in industrialized countries. The consequences of this could be catastrophic. If low levels of estrogen in the environment can give male humans cancer just imagine what its doing to our wildlife.

We have to remember that estrogens are not only introduced in our life through contraception agents but also from plastics and metal food cans. (BPA, DDT, etc) With that said, we can see how its no longer “low levels” of these chemicals and hormones that we are exposed to daily! With BPA in you water bottle and estrogen in your water supply there is no wonder there is an increase in prostate cancer!

Please read this report for yourself HERE.

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