Processed Foods Eaten in US Banned in Most Countries

The United States is one of the few  countries in the developed world where you can get sick from food you buy from your local grocery store. Many “fast foods,” such as breakfast cereal, frozen entrees and sodas that are consumed every day in the US cannot be sold in Europe, since they contain chemicals that European regulators have determined are dangerous to human health.

On, Tracey Gaughran-Perez writes: “Though it might not surprise you to hear that Olestra–commonly used in low/no-fat snack foods and known to cause serious gastrointestinal issues for those who consume it. The substance is banned in both the United Kingdom and Canada. More than 100 countries ban brominated vegetable oil, which has been linked to allergic reactions and, when consumed in large quantities, organ damage. It is based on the chemical bromine, which is commonly used as a flame retardant. It is present in many soft drinks sold in the US and is considered safe by the US Food and Drug Administration. Pepsico has pledged to remove it from their product Gatorade, but it is still present in many US soft drinks.

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