Programming Note

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, we have fought all we can with the Livestream server and it refused to stay connected in order to do a live show. Also there have been a total of 0 viewers to the new format, so between the fighting for a connection and our audience’s obvious non-interest in a LIVE video program we will discontinue the Live video show. Remember listeners/viewers, we do this FOR YOU, this is not for fun or a hobby, this is a PUBLIC SERVICE to YOU THE PEOPLE, and if we are unsupported and drop from your interest then this operation with come to a fast halt. Please support your local alternative news and media! If you don’t,  only the giant corporate propaganda news will be left! ITS UP TO YOU!
We will return Monday with a regular 30 minute radio format. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR THE SHOW PLEASE EMAIL US HERE! We would desperately like to return to our hour+ format! The money it takes to return to the better and longer format only requires a small amount of financial support, alas it is a small amount that we do NOT have. With only one sponsor we could achieve our current goal!

So if you can please give a donation or pass along the information to a small business owner looking for cheap online marketing! Together we can accomplish anything we set our minds to!
Thank you and God Bless
~ATR News Staff

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