Reasons behind spike in “shootings”



The fact that some politicians and media outlets are using the recent school shooting in Newtown,  Connecticut,  to call for gun control is absolutely abhorrent. The only thing worse than that fact is the shooting itself!

Why is the solution always to take guns away from law abiding citizens when the reasons these shootings can take place is so obvious? Think to yourself for just a moment, what could allow a gunman, or group of gunmen to kill so many people in so many places? The locations these shootings have been taking place in are places where people are least likely, or are unable to carry firearms. If there had been one armed person in the theater in Aurora, CO or the grocery store in AZ or if just one teacher had been armed today in CT these tragedies could have been prevented, stopped or at least minimized.

The more calls for gun control, the more shootings we see. You think that is just coincidence? The less we exercise our second amendment the more the death tolls rise. The answer to preventing school shootings is simply to arm the teachers and school security. The more law abiding citizens that carry firearms with them at all times, the less criminals will take the chance to loose their own life over their crime.

As for “lone gunmen,” “crazies,” and “patsies,” these situations could be brought to a quick end by just one citizen with decent marksmanship.

So where are the brave citizens who would gladly take on the role of hero in these situations? They have been belittled and demonized by the media to a point to where they rarely carry their arms anymore. America, can you not see that disarmament is what is causing this problem? Criminals are not going to follow any laws you pass on gun control anyways, hence the criminal title. The public has the right to defend themselves. This is natural, common law that cannot be changed.

Lastly, think about how much the rest of the world would love to see our citizens disarmed. What has kept America from being invaded for so long? What helped the colonies gain independence? The simple fact that the entire citizenry is the defense of the country. Invade any American town and you’ve just invaded a town that hosts at least one soldier per house. This has been a huge deterrence for any enemy we may have had abroad.

So before you allow the mainstream media and gun grabbing politicians to lull you with the lie of disarmament, think, and put yourself in one of these horrible situations. A gunman has just opened fire on the crowd you are in, do you wish you had a gun to protect your self and save the others around you? I know that I would much rather have a fighting chance being armed over being an unarmed lamb ready for slaughter.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all that have been affected by this horrible tragedy. May God grant this nation peace in this time of trouble.

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