*RED ALERT* Tracking Where You Go and Taxing You By The Mile? Can You Be serious?!


In a shocking turn of events and a progression of the 1984-type agenda, al.com actually suggests to copy Oregon’s new tax by the mile program.

“We all know Alabama is in dire need of more money. Here’s another idea to consider.

Oregon is launching a new program that will charge car owners not for the fuel they use but for the miles they drive.

[…]their cars set up with devices to collect information on how much it is driven and where.”

Emphasis Added

It would seem that the budget crisis in Alabama is being used to push tyrannical legislature. Having the government track where you go and what you do is NOT the solution for our budget issues.

Just for the sake of this argument for a moment, think about this logically. You think having the government installing tracking devices in your car to tax you by the mile will fix a budget crisis? How much money do you think it would take to install all of these devices in all the vehicles in the state? Not only would you have to spend millions MORE of tax payer dollars to buy and install devices, you would have to develop an entire new bureaucracy to handle this program. That means hiring numerous new employees and technicians, and paying those salaries and upkeep on the technology is going to cost the state far more money in the long run than it would ever bring in.

This isn’t about raising revenue for the state, it’s about destroying the Fourth Amendment and invading every Alabamian’s privacy. Never let the state exploit a crisis to push tyranny. Remember fellow citizens, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance!

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