Sanders refuses to address supporters’ threats, vandalism, and hooligany


Bernie Sanders is remaining defiant in the face of calls from Democratic leaders to condemn unrest fomented by his supporters follow the Nevada Democratic State convention Saturday night — doing little to cool the passions of some of his supporters and prompting concerns of a fractured national convention this summer.

Sanders supporters threw chairs, started fights, and booed officials, including a top Sanders surrogate, at the convention in Las Vegas, which was the final step in allocating Nevada’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention. The supporters felt the party had conspired against them to tip the scales in favor of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

After the convention, the party’s headquarters were vandalized with pro-Sanders graffiti and the chairwoman of the party received threatening text messages, phone calls, and social media posts.

All this over very low stakes — just two pledged delegates out of more than 4,000 total Democratic delegates.

Supporters’ Hateful Texts and Voicemails

Supporters’ Vandalism


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