United States of 1984:FBI begins installation of $1 billion face recognition system across America

RT.com Birthmarks, be damned: the FBI has officially started rolling out a state-of-the-art face recognition project that will assist in their effort to accumulate and archive information about each and every American at a cost of a billion dollars. The… Continue Reading

This Internet provider pledges to put your privacy first. Always.

Declan McCullagh news.cnet.com Nicholas Merrill is planning to revolutionize online privacy with a concept as simple as it is ingenious: a telecommunications provider designed from its inception to shield its customers from surveillance. Merrill, 39, who previously ran a New… Continue Reading

Feds Trying to Silence Company Wanting to Reveal What Info the Gov’t Is Requesting About You

theblaze.com Liz Klimas In 2010 alone, Wired’s Threat Level explains, the government sent more than 24,000 National Security Letters to Internet service providers and other companies such as credit and financial institutions. Letters such as these come with a gag order… Continue Reading

Why Are Government Bureaucrats Turning America Into Nazi Germany?

Scott Lazarowitz LewRockwell.com February 13, 2012 I’m sorry to put it in such a crass way, but that is exactly what they are doing. Ever since the September 11th attacks, these power-grabbing scoundrels have been putting policies in place that… Continue Reading