Salmonella confirmed as culprit in foodborne illness outbreak after funeral in Sumter County, 67 sick

Stephen Dethrage YORK, Alabama — The Alabama Department of Public Health is continuing to investigate what sickened at least two-thirds of the 100 people who ate a meal after a funeral in York, Alabama on July 6, but confirmed… Continue Reading

Legislature’s prison committee to seek facts on report of inmate beatings, abuse

Mike Cason MONTGOMERY, Alabama — The chairman of the Alabama Legislature’s prison committee has called a meeting for Aug. 27 to discuss allegations of prisoner abuse in a report released Tuesday by the Equal Justice Initiative. The EJI, which… Continue Reading

No pattern found so far in deadly infections linked to dialysis center

Mike Oliver BESSEMER, Alabama – Six different bacteria have been recovered from blood cultures of kidney dialysis patients sickened with infections linked to Bessemer Kidney Center, but so far there’s no pattern of infection pointing to “any specific source… Continue Reading

Google’s Gmail-reading ad service faces Russian privacy probe Russian antimonopoly officials have launched an inquiry into Google for allegedly violating correspondence privacy in their advertising, Russian media reported. Google denied the charges, claiming that e-mails are reviewed by a computer, not a human. Google’s webmail service Gmail… Continue Reading

Official Story: Sandy Hook – Outlining the Inconsistencies of the Mainstream Media *ATR News Video Report*

JB Official Story: Sandy Hook Outlining the Inconsistencies of the Mainstream Media Join your host JB with a hard hitting expose’ on the “Official Story” of the Sandy Hook massacre and the inconsistencies in the mainstream media… See more… Continue Reading