‘Tyranny’: Govt. has no right to remove children from ‘off-grid’ families

Investment Watch Government officials are increasingly usurping “parental authority,” removing children from their families who may happen to be living unconventional lifestyles, legal and media analyst Lionel told RT’s Ben Swann. Speaking about a recent case where 10 kids were… Continue Reading

ATR News: 3/21/12 Lionel’s PHONY 2012, DHS and FEMA’s new “Corps” PLUS Cops arrest NBC reporters and Dr. Paul’s new op-ed.

Alabama Truth Radio Live Broadcast March 21st, 2012 We at ATR News are proud to bring you our first unrestricted show! No more rushing through at 25 minutes in, we now will be bringing you at least an hour of… Continue Reading

ATR News Live Broadcast! Wednesday Edition- Drones, Agenda 21, GMO, plus More!

Alabama Truth Radio Live Broadcast February 22nd, 2012 Tonight JB takes you through some tough headlines. Lionel, Alex Jones, and JB all agree, the drones are coming, beware the masses of robotic armies that lie in waiting. Also Jefferson county… Continue Reading