Tune in 10pm CST for ATR News Live! Tonight: 35 yrs ago today, the Jonestown Massacre and More!

Alabama Truth Radio News Live November 18th, 2013 Tonight on ATR News Live: The labor force in America is failing, 47 million on food stamps for entire year, DHS wants your DNA plus today marks the 35th anniversary of the… Continue Reading

Drinking the Kool-Aid: Jonestown Massacre 35 yrs ago, today…

alabamatruth.com 35 years ago today, the original “drinking the Kool-aid” saw the death of over 900 people in Jim Jones’ People’s Temple Agricultural Project, a community in northwestern Guyana. On November 18th, 1978, False Prophet Jim Jones forces his followers… Continue Reading

Boston marathon bombing happened on same day as ‘controlled explosion’ drill by Boston bomb squad

Mike Adams Natural News (NaturalNews) Two bombs have rocked the streets of Boston and reportedly injured 22 marathon runners (two have reportedly died). It’s too early to know the cause of these explosions, but you can rest assured both the… Continue Reading

Official Story: Sandy Hook – Outlining the Inconsistencies of the Mainstream Media *ATR News Video Report*

JB alabamatruth.com Official Story: Sandy Hook Outlining the Inconsistencies of the Mainstream Media Join your host JB with a hard hitting expose’ on the “Official Story” of the Sandy Hook massacre and the inconsistencies in the mainstream media… See more… Continue Reading

1/15/13 ATR News- Special Report: Sandy Hook Massacre

Alabama Truth Radio Special Report January 15th, 2013 Tonight we bring you a 30min audio clip from our brand new ATR News Special Report- Official Story: Sandy Hook. This in depth expose’ reveals many inconsistencies in the mainstream media’s story… Continue Reading

7/23/12 ATR News: We’re back! Breaking down the Batman Massacre and Exposing the diversion from real threats! PODCAST

Alabama Truth Radio Podcast July 23rd, 2012 Tonight on ATR News, We’re back! For now we will be bringing you the hard hitting news you’re used to in podcast format. We will be back live as soon as we can.… Continue Reading