War on Health: Toxic Toilet Paper? You’ve Got It

BottomLine Publications Were you dismayed by the FDA’s recent refusal to ban bisphenol A (BPA), the toxic chemical that leaches out of plastic containers and cans and into our foods? I sure was. And now, I’m sorry to say, there… Continue Reading

*CONSUMER WARNING* 200,000 bottles of Motrin recalled, infant drops could contain plastic particles

Nicole Emmett al.com The makers of Motrin are recalling more than 200,000 bottles of concentrated infant drops, after finding there could be tiny plastic particles in the product, according to the product’s website. Read entire article HERE

NY lawmaker seeks total ban on 3D printing of firearm parts, even before technology emerges

J. D. Heyes naturalnews.com Gun banners in Washington aren’t satisfied with preventing you from taking full advantage of your Second Amendment rights regarding firearms and associated accessories that are already obtainable: They also want to ban future guns and gun… Continue Reading