18 Little-Known Gun Facts That Prove That Guns Make Us Safer

endoftheamericandream.com Michael Snyder The American people deserve to know the truth about gun control.  Passing strict gun control laws will not make us all safer.  In fact, as you will read about below, even a study conducted at Harvard found… Continue Reading

‘Radioactivity found in Swiss lake’ near nuclear plant

France24 AFP – Scientists have discovered a radioactive substance in sediment under a Swiss lake used for drinking water and situated near a nuclear plant, the Le Matin Dimanche weekly reported Sunday. While scientists cited in the report stressed there… Continue Reading

Browns Ferry: Shrinking the safety margin at Alabama’s largest nuclear plant

  Challen Stephens al.com ATHENS, Alabama – For more than two years, the largest nuclear plant in Alabama operated without a fully functioning failsafe system. A massive cooling pump didn’t work. Bearings were installed backwards. Emergency cooling lines sat blocked… Continue Reading