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The Next US President Will Be….

Tony Cartalucci
April 26, 2012

President George Bush, President Barack Obama, and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney all work for the exact same handful of corporate-financier interests. While they vary in how they dress up their methods of carrying out what is essentially a singular agenda, there is glaring continuity from one administration to the next in a process analogous to a corporate spokesman presenting the agenda of the board of directors. Changing spokesmen doesn’t change the agenda of the board of directors.

While the corporate media focuses on non-issues, and political pundits accentuate petty political rivalries between the “left” and the “right,” a look deeper into presidential cabinets and the authors of domestic and foreign policy reveals just how accurate this analogy is and who sits on the “board of directors.”

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ATR News Live Broadcast 3/15/12 Extradition of a 23 year old British kid over websites? Our governement has gone too far…

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast March 15th, 2012

Tonight we cover the insanity of the US government, which has just extradited a 23 year old British kid over a website he ran. All in the name of copyright infringement, we see who really pulls the  strings of our politicians and judges. Its all about big business and the little citizen is merely getting in the way of profits! PLUS monSATAN is soon to test its new bioweapon against the American people… corn. A message to all farmers in this country: DO NOT PLANT THE ABOMINATION OF CREATION!

Stories in tonight’s show:

US wins extradition of British student over UK-based website

Monsanto Biotech Corn Tested For Release In Drought-Stricken South