The Road to Galactic Serfdom: How the Star Wars Saga Reflects Our Modern Time

Dan Sanchez Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters this week, continuing the cinematic saga of an interplanetary civilization’s struggles with galactic war and tyranny. It will be watched by millions whose own civilization is beset by global warfare driven by… Continue Reading

Alabama Finally Ends the Gay Marriage Debate: Take the State Out of Marriages All Together!

Yellowhammer News MONTGOMERY, Ala. — The Alabama Senate passed Tuesday SB377, a bill to “get the state out of the marriage business,” by a vote of 22-3. SB377 would remove the duty of confirming marriages from county probate judges. It… Continue Reading

Tune in 10pm CST for ATR News LIVE! Tonight: Ukraine, Nevada, Economy, and More

Alabama Truth Radio News Live April 21st, 2014 Tonight on ATR News Live: Tonight we look into the recent provocation in the Ukraine with anti-Semitic fliers be spread, Ron Paul’s take on the situation in Nevada, Some sad news about… Continue Reading

How does Alabama rank in Freedom? New study shows economic Freedoms on the rise, Personal Freedoms shockingly low Alabama is one of the most conservative states in the country, especially socially. As might be expected, it scores very well on economic policy-especially taxation-but rather poorly on personal freedom.

Tune in 10pm CST for ATR News LIVE! Tonight: Tyranny, Media bias, Tennessee Stands up and more!

Alabama Truth Radio News Live January 22nd, 2014 Tonight on ATR News Live: Famous Historical Figures and their speeches against tyranny, Mainstream media gives more coverage of parties and birthdays over real scandals and crimes, Tennessee Bill would end NSA… Continue Reading

‘Health Care From the Pulpit’: Here’s How Some Churches Are Spreading the Word About Obamacare Community organizers are joining pastors across the country to educate and help parishioners sign up for Obamacare. The coordinated initiative, called “Health Care from the Pulpit,” is being implemented by Enroll America, a non-profit with the goal of maximizing ”the number… Continue Reading

ATR News Live Broadcast 1/25/12 The GOP wants national healthcare? UAVs coming to a sky near you! Oklahoma fights against fetal tissue in food and more!

Alabama Truth Radio Live Broadcast January 25th, 2012 Tonight you host JB takes you through the headlines. The GOP wants national healthcare? The military will soon be using drones over a city near you! Midfield school up for grabs by… Continue Reading