High school football player penalized for giving Glory to God after touchdown

EAGnews.org […]The junior team leader often points skyward after big plays as a tribute to the Almighty, and his 73-yard run for a touchdown against Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Oct. 17 was no exception, Syracuse.com reports. The solemn celebration, however, apparently didn’t sit… Continue Reading

Tune in 10pm CST for ATR News LIVE! Tonight: Important show update and Headlines.

Alabama Truth Radio News Live April 28th, 2014 Tonight on ATR News Live: Ladies and Gentlemen tonight we will have a very important update about the status of our radio program ATR News LIVE! Due to scheduling issues and time… Continue Reading

China accused of anti-Christian campaign as church demolition begins

telegraph.co.uk Demolition teams began destroying parts of a Chinese church that has become a symbol of resistance to the Communist Party’s draconian clutch on religion, activists and witnesses said on Monday. Sanjiang church in Wenzhou, a wealthy coastal city known… Continue Reading

Tune in 10pm CST for ATR News LIVE! Tonight: Syrian Christians, Russian Banks, Egyptian Scientists and more

Alabama Truth Radio News Live January 29th, 2014 Tonight on ATR News Live: Syrian Christians in danger of extinction, Russian banks halt withdrawals, Egyptian study shows GMO toxicity and more. BACK TO THE ARCHIVE Tonight’s Headlines: War on Christianity: Syrians… Continue Reading

War on Christianity: Syrians claim they could face a potential extinction of the church

WND.com WASHINGTON – The first delegation of Syrian Christian church leaders to visit the U.S. since civil war broke out in March 2011 spoke Monday at the Heritage Foundation, issuing a stunning warning that the nation’s Christian population could vanish.… Continue Reading

The Islamic Jihad on Christian nuns: A history

Human Events Yet another phenomenon with a long paper trail in Islamic history has just taken place, even as the Western “mainstream”—little acquainted with true history or reality—dismisses it as an aberration. Asia News has the details: Islamist rebels have kidnapped… Continue Reading

Tune in 10pm CST for ATR News LIVE! Tonight: Obama shows himself a hypocrite… again, Italian Police join protesters, plus tips for countering vaccinations

Alabama Truth Radio News Live December 10th, 2013 Tonight on ATR News Live: Obama blasts others for persecuting dissent, showing himself a complete hypocrite. A sign of hope? Italian police join protestors again government corruption. The War on Christianity continues,… Continue Reading

War on Christians: Christians Are Being Burned Alive, Beheaded, Crucified, Tortured To Death And Imprisoned In Metal Shipping Containers

endoftheamericandream.com The “coming persecution of Christians” has already begun.  It is already here.  So why is the mainstream media in the United States almost totally silent about this phenomenon?  When some politician somewhere around the globe inadvertently offends homosexuals or… Continue Reading

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Alabama Truth Radio News Live August 27th, 2013 Tonight on ATR News Live:For the first half of the show we will blaze through the headlines, David Miranda’s arrest, Utah’s Data Center water use, Alabama cop fired for whistle blowing and… Continue Reading

War on Christianity: U.S. city looks to penalize Bible believers

Bob Unruh WND Think it’s hot in Texas these days? Just wait a few weeks, until the San Antonio City Council ends its summer hiatus and resumes work on a proposed change to its nondiscrimination ordinances that apparently will discriminate… Continue Reading

War on Christianity: Florida college reinstates professor who issued ‘Stomp Jesus’ lesson

Arturo Garcia Raw Story Florida Atlantic University reinstated the professor who was criticized by religious groups after one student refused to take part in an exercise involving stepping on a piece of paper with the name “Jesus” written on it.… Continue Reading